Who we are

Local club championing the making of films

Meet new friends with similar interests and enjoy the social contact, find out what other local film makers are producing, polish up your own skills, or just  improve your holiday films. Work with other members in their film making.

By embracing all that is involved in ‘making films’, meetings offer a varied programme of film screenings, practical workshops, competitions, visits from professional filmmakers and trips to other clubs.

The Club has a rich mix of enthusiastic filmmakers, from diverse backgrounds, of mixed abilities, every member keen to share a passion for making movies, exchange ideas, improve skills, develop new skills, learn from each other and work together in group projects.

Club members are encouraged to produce films as individuals or as part of a team, regardless of expertise, age or equipment.

Join us on visits to other video clubs to see their show reels. Go to regional and national events, gaining knowledge from many more experienced film makers.

Membership fees

Annual subscription is £20 single, or £30 for joint membership.
If you would like more information please contact:
Ruth Moxey on 01905 29919 or email: m.moxey564@tiscali.co.uk

“Great film makers are only limited by imagination, budget and time. they are the creators of visual art, the factory of dreams or they just capture factual moments, the choices are endless. They can be yours if you wish to take up this hobby”