Our competition rules

Competition rules


Annual Competition and Harris Sound Trophy

Theme: Any subject, maximum 10 minutes.
The entry must have been completed within two years of the competition date and not to have been entered in a club competition before.
(There must be at least FIVE entries for this competition to take place).

Open Competition

Theme: Any subject, maximum 10 minutes. The entry may have been shown before at the Club, but not won a competition.

Spring Competition

Maximum of 10 minutes.

Subject Competition

Maximum of 10 minutes. The entry must have been completed within twelve months of the competition date.

Achievement Shield

To be awarded to the member who has obtained the most points in all the season’s competitions.

Members will not be allowed to win this shield two years in succession.

Endeavour Trophy

To be awarded to the member who has obtained the second most points in all the season’s competitions. Members can win this trophy in successive years.

General Rules

We wish to encourage all members to enter our competitions, thus providing interest and enjoyment for all.
If you have any problems or query with these rules please contact a committee member for advice.

  1. All Competitions are open to paid up club member/members of Worcester Film Makers
  2. All trophies are the property of Worcester Film Makers.
  3. The winner, second and third place in each competition may hold the trophies until the next annual event or until Worcester Film Makers Club request its return.
  4. Open Competitions can be about any subject or theme. Where there are two competitions the entries must adhere to the set theme see the club’s annual membership card).
  5. Entry details must be notified to the Competition Secretary (see club website) in good time for the competition.
    The following information must be supplied:

    a) Name of film maker
    b) Title of the film
    c) Film’s running time
    d) Type of media to be projected and its format ratio
  6. The entry should be the work of the competing Worcester Film Makers’ member/members and must not have been placed in the first three of any previous Worcester Film Makers competition.
  7. Entries may be on media of Blu-ray, DVD, Mini DV or USB stick in Mpg 2 format and suitable to the club’s projection system.
  8. Maximum running time is 10 minutes. Films must not run over the maximum time, which includes any beginning, titles and end credits, but does not include a countdown leader.
  9. Countdown leader may be optional at the beginning. This should show a circle and the format ratio to be projected, otherwise a five second blank leader is preferred.
  10. Judging will be carried out by a marking system, vote or judging panel. Positions will be announced at the end of the event. Should there be any dispute the outcome of the Worcester Film Makers committee decision is final.
  11. The winning member/s of the competition will be responsible for engraving the trophy in reasonable format to match previous entries on the trophy, this must be completed before the end of season’s Annual General Meeting.
  12. It is the film maker’s responsibility to ensure their media is compatible with the club’s projection system.
  13. Each film must include more than 50% of video footage. Still images/photographs are limited to less than 50% of the films running time.
  14. Clearance for the use of all Copyright material is the sole responsibility of the film maker/makers. (Please note: Music is covered for use by the Worcester Film Makers under The IAC Licensing Agreement – Copyright Clearance Scheme.
    See: www.theiac.org.uk/iac/clearance-scheme.html for agreements of use and restrictions.
  15. Third party video footage may be used (providing rule 14 is adhered to) but this is limited to maximum 5% of the film’s running time.
  16. Worcester Film Makers’ competitions are for non-commercial productions only. Films must be made solely for the love of it, fun and pleasure, for artistic expression or to make a statement about the world with no profit motive in mind.
  17. Any submitted film that doesn’t comply with the above rules will be disqualified.

If you are entering a video into a competition, please inform the Competitions Secretary of its title, format and running time one week before the competition date.

Blu-ray player, amp, projector and information for burning your disks, or supplying video files on a USB, available from the Competitions Secretary.